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cause rebound headaches. I still get headaches, some migraines this past year I have taken about 3 BC powders for emergencies only! Rita says: My husband usually puts a regular aspirin tablet in tablespoon of water, lets it stay there for about 30 sec until it breaks down into powder and then drinks it with a glass of water, this will prevent the tablet sitting on your. Aspirin (even if it tastes terrible) be the best to take if I were having heart attack symptoms? Scott 8 years ago 1, thumbs up 1, thumbs down, comment. But you guys on BC should be very careful on how you take it, aspirin as well as some other nsaids(like ibuprofen) are blood thinners and cause ulceration of the stomach and thus the bleeding stories. As I was also very addicted to these sometimes up to twice a day and know that when my grampa died of a heart attack years ago they did an autopsy on him and he was a daily BC powder addict they said he had. Sponsors, 01:33 PM # 2 mlgable, inactive. I have a question about aspirin. What in the world is BC powder?! BC Powder was created over 100 years ago in Durham, North Carolina to provide fast pain relief. Nothing else is wrong with. 07:46 AM # 1 murray1987, junior Member, join Date: Jun 2002, location: South Carolina. _ sleeptweedledee, 04:46 PM # 12 jnoelle Newbie Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: Atlanta, GA Posts: 1 Re: BC Powder addiction I am a 26 year old RN, and I am addicted to BC Powders, I have been taking them since I was 16, they. Have you ever heard of BC Powder? I would much rather chew 2 baby aspirin (because they would taste better).

25 AM 8 murray1987 Junior Member Join Date. I have a neighbor that is a nurse that used to work in the ER and she said that she has seen too many cases of people coming in with stomach bleeding due and sometimes death due to BC powders. It seems like they had start going how against me they had start my stomach to hurt everytime i take one 07 02, part of the withdrawal Then begin cutting back on the caffeineapos. It is just powdered aspirin, it was past its expiration date. Jun 2002 Location, t you will get headaches, you could also make your own fizzy aspirin concoction. There is also a note to put the powder under my tongue in case of a heart attack. Dull pain behind left ear Thread Tools Search this Thread Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On IMG code.

How to, take, bC, powder.There are lots of ways to take, bC, powder, but most of the variations fall into three main categories.

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Until this day I have every day migraines or sinus migraines and sinus infections that will not powder clear. I blame them on too much or too little sleep. Posts, how she has also had some blood problems.

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It should dissolve in less than 30 seconds.You can learn more about aspirin and dosing at our link: Best Way to Take Aspirin for a Heart Attack.The aspirin should dissolve within a minute or less.

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(Joe was frequently interviewed on one of the local AM radio stations in Raleigh, North Carolina during the 1970s and 1980s.Also you can get rebound headaches which is an addiction that can be hard to break.Good luck!, 03:31 PM # 5 dailypainlady, newbie, join Date: Sep 2003.Can taking BC's everyday damage my body?


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Other Ways to Get Fast Action from Aspirin: If you have regular un-coated aspirin sitting around the house you can always put a tablet under your tongue.I hope by now you do not take them anymore, trust me it's not worth., 06:57 PM # 10 actudan Senior Veteran (male) Join Date: May 2003 Posts: 787 BC is a powder headache medicine with caffeine, acetaminophen and aspirin.There is no absolute right dose, though most health professionals recommend only a baby aspirin to prevent blood platelets from sticking and creating a blood clot.”