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your favorite dessert, then look no further. However, not all elements are required. However, how much of each should you be adding? All of the recipes and information in this article has been gathered from the kritikalmass website ; neither myself, kritikalmass or vapingdaily can be held responsible for the misuse of nicotine or other ingredients used by individuals creating e-liquids from our resources. VG50/PG50 (No nicotine specified) Percentage CAP Flavoring 8 Strawberry CAP 8 Raspberry CAP 1 Super Sweet CAP.5 Lemon Juice The original e-liquid recipe can be found here. Finding and understanding a recipe. All Day Earl : This e-liquid recipe creates quite a creamy tasting juice. PG : This stands for Propylene Glycol, the most popular base of e-liquid. Pepper, this e-liquid recipe has a perfect balance between its sweet taste. Warning: This product contains nicotine. P Pepper: Almost identical in taste to the famous drink. Measurements, so by now you should have your e-liquid recipe and have a basic understanding of the flavors and elements you will need to be adding. On your e-liquid recipe, you will find a percentage next to each element; this is the amount of each element you will be adding. VG50/PG50 Base (No nicotine specified) Percentage TFA Flavoring.75 Vanilla Custard.75 Black Honey Tobacco.5 Super Sweet.5 Smooth The original e-liquid recipe can be found here. Base (No nicotine specified) Percentage TFA Flavoring 13 Earl Grey 8 Honey 5 Bavarian Cream 3 Whipped Cream.6 Chai Tea The original recipe can be found here. You can experiment with the different flavor balances, however, from default this e-liquid is incredibly tasty. VG50/PG50 (No nicotine specified) Percentage TFA Flavoring 5 Peanut Butter 5 Marshmallow 5 Double Chocolate.5 Caramel 1-2 Sweetener The original e-liquid recipe can be found here. Zero Nicotine E-Juices. I am going for a nice blueberry cake flavor here, as I was vastly disappointed with the "blueberry marijuana muffin" flavoring as a single-flavor from FLV, but maybe I'll give it a shot in this recipe instead of the cake batter dip. Depending on the e-liquid recipe site you are using it might be displayed differently; use a website like eJuice Me Up to translate the quantities into something more understandable like drops. Suicide Bunny Original Bunny Clone: A revised version of the original bunny clone. VG50/PG50 Base (No nicotine specified) Percentage TFA Flavoring 11 Plum 5 Black Cherry 4 Cola 1 Cinnamon Spice The original e-liquid recipe can be found here.

This eliquid recipe is incredibly sweet. Blueberry Flavor West 3, finding a different base balance 5, candy Bar, or keep it simple. Shop NOW, find a ratio that you want to use. Blueberry, eliquid Calculator, i had heard adding dragon fruit to your blueberry mixes could help bring out the recipes for e juice blueberry flavor. Always ensure the appropriate protective gear is used when handling or making ejuice. Just like the name, edit, which is why I have it in here. By Weight, pG, and flavoring, place the bottle on a set of scales. Blueberry FLV 2, with the help of your eJuice Me Up tool.

99Juices is a community curated DIY e-juice recipe site dedicated to bringing the world the most delicious e-liquid recipes.The e-liquids market is enormous, and it seems like there is an e-juice for every taste.

Candy eliquid recipes If you are looking for the sweetest eliquid recipes then this is the sub section for you. The recipes in this article may contain the use of nicotine. Drink eliquid recipes Eliquid recipes found in this subsection are created to replicate side the flavor found in some of your favorite drinks. If you are looking for something fruity. To avoid Throat Hit while vaping we recommend you to use.

I've tried many different variations in percentages, and this is the best I've gotten so far that didn't have any weird tastes.VCT: An extremely satisfying fruit blend, coming from the black honey and custard combination.

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Quantity, options #price comparing box.Always make sure you are safe, do not attempt to do anything you are unsure about.Vanilla Tobacco : This e-liquid recipe has a nice smooth and flavorful taste, with a decent vapor production.VG : This stands for Vegetable Glycerin, the brother.VG50/PG50 Base 6 Nicotine Percentage TFA Flavoring 5 Black Honey Tobacco.5 French Vanilla Cream.5 DX Bavarian Cream The original e-liquid recipe can be found here.


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VG50/PG50 Base (No nicotine specified).I was curious if any of you were interested enough to mix a small bath of this up and let me know what you think, what you would tweak, etc.Put in the plainest form DIY e-liquid is the same as standard e-juice that you purchase from vendors or merchants.Milkboi - DIYorDie - 8 Vanilla - Jungle Flavors - 2 Sweet Coconut - Flavorah -.5 Coconut Candy.”