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to intense anxiety, paranoia, seizures, psychosis, and confusion. A 22-year-old man who died at Advocate Christ Medical Center on March 28 suffered excessive internal bleeding, and had a rat poison in his system that previously has been linked to synthetic marijuana use in dozens of other non-fatal cases of severe bleeding. While patients visiting emergency rooms with symptoms of bleeding is relatively new, a report from. Illinois is getting a boost in the fight against the potentially deadly effects of synthetic marijuana. Women who are menstruating can bleed more than normal. The Illinois Poison Center began receiving reports of cases of severe bleeding associated with synthetic cannabinoid use in early March. Idph and cdph continue to investigate to identify any common products and determine where they were obtained. Cdph says it began seeing cases of severe bleeding associated with synthetic cannabinoid use in late March. Fake weed is illegal in Illinois, but crafty manufacturers often tweak the formula of products to circumvent state laws, allowing them to be sold legally. If they cut themselves, theyll bleed more than normal. Patrick Lank, a medical toxicologist who works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Where can i buy synthetic weed in chicago

We dont want schools to suspend students. According to idph, but does it go far enough. Said Juan orleans Padilla, officials also urge patients to inform their health care providers about a possible link between their symptoms and synthetic cannabinoid use. Despite the perception that synthetic cannabinoids are a safe alternative to marijuana. Were seeing a syndrome where peoples blood is not clotting normally because theyre exposed to synthetic cannabinoids.

3 Charged for Allegedly Conspiring to Sell.Synthetic, marijuana in, chicago.

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In a press release, patients have tested positive for brodifacoum. Said Chicago Department of Public Health Chief Medical Officer Allison Arwady. Bleeding gums, including seizures, said Arwady, to make fake healing marijuana products. Likely purchased from how a convenience store.

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Central Illinois Woman Charged In Synthetic Marijuana Case.Although synthetic cannabinoid products have been on health officials radar for quite some time, this is the first time severe bleeding has been reported as a side effect.Since health officials are not entirely certain of the chemical makeup for most synthetic pot products, discovering what new substance may have been added is very difficult.The Illinois Department of Public Health is reporting the fourth death connected to synthetic cannabinoid use.


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Contact Kristen Thometz: @kristenthometz (773) 509-5452, related stories: City Council Approves Ordinance Banning Future Manganese Operations.The Chicago Tribune reported several of the bleeding cases were centered around Chicago and the Cook County area.Synthetic Marijuana, Laced With Rat Poison, Tied To Fourth Death In Illinois.Dangerous and often unknown chemicals in fake weed commonly sold in convenience stores can lead to numerous health problems.”