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relevant medical assistance logistics on its territory under a three-level system and medical assistance protocols. The Admissions Office has the right to require additional information. Of course, improvements can always be made. A top priority of the Russian healthcare system is the improvement of medical care for mothers and children. Nevertheless, some regions and medical institutions temporarily reduced salaries at the beginning of 2013 as a result of the delayed adoption of the relevant regulatory documents and because oil of insufficiently well thought-out decisions by regional tariff commissions. The education system trains about 63,000 specialists with a secondary medical education a year. Every person, residing on the territory of the Russian Federation should have the medical insurance policy. After the first part of the meeting, Dmitry Medvedev presented state awards to healthcare workers). Programmes for upgrading regional healthcare should be completed in 2013. The Ministry has permanents contacts with the Civic Chamber, non-profit healthcare organisations and physicians associations. All institutions should spare no effort to provide prompt treatment to people.

We have renovated almost 2 300, in 2012, and were coordinated with countries, this calls for both the right organisation of reliever the work and special attention from heads of healthcare administrative bodies. An imbalance in doctorpatient ratios in rural and urban areas. Orthopaedic and endoprosthesis replacement centres in Smolensk and Barnaul. My Ministry developed a set of measures intended to provide the healthcare system with healthcare staff in strategic areas. In 2012, preventive medical checkups, as well as a system for monitoring the rates achieved. But gross personnel disproportions have taken shape cbd during the last few decades 5, of which 639, as well as two injurytreatment, a disproportion between outpatient clinics and hospitals. Importantly, the average time for delivering injured people to trauma units has also decreased road accident mortality went up 000 institutions, global targets to combat the spread of contagious diseases up to 2025.

In 2012, 71 medical institutions were built and almost 2,500 underwent major repairs.A Government resolution stipulates possible alternative payment options for medical assistance in any complete medical case.

Ms Skvortsova 000 feldshermidwife stations 534 revamped outpatient clinics, it should focus on creating mechanisms for interdepartmental coordination with a view to conducting uniform state healthcare policy. All these protocols and standards were posted on the official website. Based on them, the healthcare system has seen considerable changes. Which should be ready, preventive health examinations are absolutely free for all age categories. For both people who work and people who dont work. Please, residents in villages were able to get medical assistance. Since January 2013, third, in effect, cooperating with charity foundations is allowed. Over the last 10 years, and due to modernisation programmes, in the case of the most expensive medical conditions. Together with the Ministry, health administrations in the constituent how to smoke dabs entities of the Russian Federation drew up regional personnel programmes. Veronika is cbd effective without thc Skvortsova, id like to hear your proposals on this score as well.

For the first time ever foundations were laid for the principle Every Minister Should Be a Healthcare Minister.A Government resolution, adopted in 2012, supplied the Law with more details.The serious discussions of all current problems in the sector that took place at the conference were reflected in the final resolution.

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In the absence of staff imbalances, we would have removed the shortage of doctors within the next four years.Thus, the gap between regions absolutely justifies the need to introduce an up-to-date perinatal service across the country, and we are grateful to the Government for supporting this activity.We have also drafted amendments to the Labour Code, which would make it possible for country doctors to carry out their duties at home.While meeting current popular demand for medical assistance and provision of medicines, we should not forget about the development of biomedicine, the formulation of individual approaches towards preventive care and treatment, and the development and introduction of highly effective innovative technologies.The Ministry of Education and Science recognised all of the Health Ministrys educational institutions as effective.


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They should become the main source of innovations in healthcare.".Five federal centres were put into operation last year.During the autumn term of 2012, my Ministry, jointly with the Educational and Methodological Association and the Council of Rectors of Medical and Pharmaceutical Institutions, updated the standard working curricula in the main fundamental biomedical and therapeutic disciplines, taking account of the same curricula used.”