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shop has become a first-stop for many a cannabis connoisseur visiting the city. I cant think of another coffeeshop in Amsterdam that is as dedicated to cannabis genetics. Most people learn about them, first and foremost, through word of mouth as well. Oosterpark is your oyster.) Green Place Toking a winner. They are a modest independent local shop. This is another Iconic Amsterdam shop, with a long presence in this city. If you've never smoked weed, I highly suggest you try smoking it before trying it in edible form. At present they seem to be working with an awesome grower. They try to stock rare strains when they can, so the inventory isnt all same same when you walk in here. Were regular visitors here ourselves, and cant recall being disappointed. If you feel uncomfortable smoking in a coffee shop, you can smoke a joint in a park (away from playgrounds, of course) and nobody will bother you. Recently, he got the chance by striking a deal to buy the former Utopia Coffeeshop location. Well, now canada you. You can always expect to see an unusual item or two on the menu. This is one of the better coffeeshops in Amsterdam overall, and for sure a great place to find top shelf flower. GreenHouse is simply legendary for its focus on cannabis genetics. They travel the globe looking for landrace strains: original unique cannabis lineages. This shop is on the chopping block for July thanks to new rules about being too close to schools. Their reputation for weed, however, is nothing short of legendary. You usually have a hard time picking. Google for directions and the least busy times to visit. There are also those that are geared towards locals more than tourists (like Boerejongens, a small chain that specializes in excellent product). But the edibles found in Amsterdam coffeeshops aren't worth the money.

And used to specialize in American eighths complete in traditional nonzip sandwich bags. Note, coffeeshops are the only place you can legally smoke in public. A tiny cookie had me high as fuck all best place to get weed brownies in amsterdam day. So canapos, flickrSally Payne Sitting under the sea. Have an advantage over visitors when it comes to sniffing out quality.

We are constantly pounding the pavement to survey the inventory. In recent years, in Cannabis Cup terms, you feel it instantly and it peaks a few minutes after taking a hit. Amsterdams full of winners, but the current holder of the crown is The Green Place for its Rollex OG Kush. Green House Lounge the chains Haarlemmerstraat location thanks to their seethrough floor in front of the dealer counter. They would offer absolutely outstanding weed at very fair prices.

That speaks to something.Expect to find maybe 6-10 strains on the menu.

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Greenhouse, voyagers, grey Area, coffeeshop Amsterdam, de Kade.The new interior is clean, modern, and a bit funky.Weve been extremely happy with the flower inventory here, which features many high potency strains, often with contemporary USA genetics.You are less distracted by the flash, and eventually find the shops that serve the best quality or value.


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flickr/Michael Costa, toking on (former) police property.Lets get on with the Best Weed in Amsterdam list.De Kade screams of this and is for sure another locals favorite shop.”