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Amsterdam, and will check passengers coming off the plane, either with drugs dogs or a sniffer machine. Smoking at Schiphol Holland Boulevard (Smoking area). Smoking at Schiphol Lounge 1 (Grand Café Het Paleis). Puffin13 " i think ill have the bon bons with half a g of hash in each just to make the 15 hour return berable. This was an ad paid for high by the shop so take it for what it is worth. When you are craving a cigarette. Thanks more and more good news hahah) is it legal to take has brownies onto a plane and consume them? What I did have to worry about was getting it into here! Although if you were in Schipol for 8 hours, hit yourself on the head for not taking the train back in the Dam for quick spliffs. Ja, ja, is illegal, but the Dutch side don't give a hoot. I must not be the only one who read how nice it is to sleep over because the floor and chairs have a fair amount of people sleeping too and no hassles from security. Any feedback from anyone else out there on this shop? 10 minutes should cost atleast 20 euros right? _non's take may be technically correct from a legal-beagle perspective. I was kinda paranoid about it, so I walked around a bit and came upon 2 swat looking policemen standing by a police van. I really have little concern about being "busted but do want to avoid offending others.

Hemp oil organic Can you smoke weed in amsterdam airport

I also is it legal to buy edibles online took along some excellent brownies from Homegrown Fantasy. That I ate on the plane. So donapos," t give two hoots what personal stash space cakes you have on you.

Cannabis in, amsterdam Airport, hi folks, Id be flying to Seattle via.I have only a transit wait for a few hours in, amsterdam and this might be a real stupid question :laugh but is weed available for purchase and smoking within the airport its legal in the nation after all.According to the Dutch language Schiphol site you can smoke outside the terminal, which means going through passport control, and at the following places airside: KPN Hotspot cabine - Networkbar cabine - Murphys bar - Galaxy bar - Café Amsterdam - Het Paleis - Sportsbar.

The last thing they need is a bunch of stoned passengers. Thatapos, you can still smell of weed. And usually there are very few people there. Duration to gate, and ulcer pain relief tylenol be hauled out which is embarrassing to say the least. But reality is something quite different. You didnapos, it is legal to consume them while in the country. You answered your own question in the paragraph above. Especially when they get the munchies mid flight. I brought back some delicious hash and postpartum si joint pain exercises they never even checked at Schipol.

After trying to sleep in the uncomfortable chairs for a couple hours, I break down and use the floor with my bag as a pillow.That's another story for another post.JUst plan carefully on how you are going to get it into your country.

Is smoking weed outside of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

I took this from the Yellow Pages Visitors Guide: Sensemillia Coffeeshop 18 years 5 coffeeshop, tHE best IN town, taxi 10 min.They both looked at eachother and smiled real BIG.On my first '97 and second '98 return flight back to the usa I used the same area outside of the arrivals area.Unfortunatly, there is no place to smoke weed inside the airport.10 minutes from Schipol by taxi is the closest I've heard of yet.


Can you smoke marijuana outside the airport in Amsterdam?

What I do is burn one right before entering the airport, right out front as has been mentioned.My first return, I went outside looking for a place to smoke my small metal pipe.Afterwards I retrieve my bag and grab the next train to the airport.I avoid taxis like the plague, even here at home.”